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Annual Benefit Fashion Show

This annual tradition at MICA features practical and outrageous fashion creations by students in a wide array of disciplines.

The Annual Benefit Fashion Show: CATALYST is sponsored by MICA's Center for Identity & Inclusion. Entering its 26th year in 2019, a portion of the show's proceeds support diversity programming and scholarly initiatives for students.

This year's shows are in Falvey Hall, Brown Center:


Annual Benefit Fashion Show Artists

Amir Khadar

Amir Khadar is a multidisciplinary artist & activist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are a sophomore fibers major with an illustration concentration.

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Anthony Chukwu

Anthony Chukwu is a painter from Imo state, Nigeria. His work often has minimalist qualities and depicts scenes or portraits of his take on Afrofuturism.

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Chance Mason

Chance Mason is a young black self taught fashion designer from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a High School student from the Baltimore Design School.

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Cristy Rodriguez

Cristy Rodriguez is a Miami-based, first-year fiber artist. Her work currently focuses on the context of hair.

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Daisy Braun

Daisy Braun is an interdisciplinary artist from Peaks Island, Maine. She is a dual sculpture and humanistic studies major.

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Dasha Burobina

Dasha Burobina is a fine artist from Togliatti, Russia. She is a sophomore illustration major with an animation concentration.

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Hannah Ahn and Yuchae Lee

Hannah Ahn is a sophomore Graphic Design major who comes from an international background - moving back and forth between Korea and America. Yuchae Lee is a sophomore Film and Video artist born in Gwacheon, Korea and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

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Joy Li

Joy Li is an interdisciplinary artist from Shenzhen, China. She’s a sophomore year interdisciplinary sculpture major.

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Max Cortes

Max Cortes is a mixed-media artist from Long Island, New York. He is in his junior year of the General Fine Arts and Masters in Art Teaching programs at MICA.

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Patricia Chevez

Patricia Chevez is a sophomore fiber and sculpture artist from Riverdale, Maryland. Her work takes form in different mediums, often revolving around the ideas of identity, story-telling, and the body.

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Pei Jung Ho

Pei Jung Ho is a creative from Miaoli, Taiwan. She is a junior Graphic Design major with a concentration in Illustration. She concentrates on the research of behavior and culture through art making.

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Reuben Francois

Reuben Francois is a multidisciplinary artist from Louisiana. His work crosses many different mediums, while trying to represent his current and ever evolving identity as an artist.

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Saloni Shah and Gianna Chun

Woven & Connected aims to create a platform which allows for the exchange and interaction of various cultures in the world.

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Sam Zanowski

Sam Zanowski is an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who works across different mediums. He is a sophomore interdisciplinary sculpture major with an illustration concentration.

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