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Graduate English Language Learning

English language proficiency is essential to develop as an artist/designer at MICA. Students need a strong command of English in order to understand assignments, participate in critiques, comprehend and engage in critical dialogue, and become active members of the MICA community.
Therefore, technical and conceptual art and design abilities, even when exceptional, will not be enough for success without a solid foundation in English.
Toward this end, MICA offers instruction for language learners who enter programs with an English ability in all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) at least an intermediate level and who have a strong motivation to pursue language development alongside their art/design development.
New incoming students at MICA in graduate programs have the opportunity to take a 4-week summer program. This course is offered through Open Studies, and while it is not an intensive English program, it gives students an orientation to academic expectations and art & design school learning opportunities to encourage their success at MICA.
Additionally, English language learning graduate students have the opportunity to take Writing Workshops, Talking about Art and Design, ELL Graduate Thesis, Graduate Writing, and Graduate Screenwriting.

Fulltime Faculty

Humanistic Studies
Elizabeth Wagenheim, ELL coordinator
Jeanette Gerrity Gomez, Assistant Chair

First Year Experience
Mark Augustine
Joseph Carr
Graduate Studies
Sukyun Weaver


International Student Services

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MICA provides supportive services such as international orientation, immigration and academic advising, student connectors, academic tutoring, and ESL services. Use the information found in our International Student Services website to guide you through the nuances of studying at MICA as an international student.