Courses, Registration & Classes

Undergraduate Registration

MICA's breadth of offerings and flexible curriculum let you customize a program of study to your personal interests and long-term career goals. We encourage independence, and our Academics Advisors are here to offer support you every step of the way.

In order to be eligible to register for classes during the registration period, undergraduate students at the sophomore to senior level must:

  • Have met with their assigned Academic Advisor to review their degree plan
  • Have no additional holds on their account, such as a financial hold for balances owed

Students should plan to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor prior to the start of the registration period to ensure that their Advising Hold will be removed in time for registration. If at the time of registration, a student has a financial hold because of a balance owed on his/her account, that student will not be able to register for the upcoming semester until the balance is zeroed. Students should contact Student Accounts to address any balance issues.

Students returning from a Leave of Absence must submit an Application for Readmittance and have a meeting with their Academic Advisor before he/she is eligible for registration.