Student Accounts

Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

  • Any student wishing to withdraw permanently or take a temporary leave of absence from the College must meet with the Office of Academic Advising and complete the proper paperwork. Tuition will be refunded based on the last date of attendance.
  • Students' security deposits and any housing deposits will be refunded within 90 days of withdrawal. The security and/or room damage deposits of students who have taken a leave of absence will remain in their accounts for usage upon their return.
  • If a student must withdraw from the College, tuition refunds are based upon the number of weeks that have elapsed between the first day of the semester and the last day of attendance:

Undergraduate and Fall/Spring Graduate Refund Schedule

  • First Week of Classes 100%
  • Second Week of Classes 80%
  • Third/Fourth Week of Classes 40%
  • After the Fourth Week None

MFAST and MAAE Low-Residency Graduate Refund Schedule

  • First Week of Classes 100%
  • Second Week of Classes 50%
  • After the Second Week None

MPS Business of Art Design, MPS Data Analytics & Visualizationsand MPS UX Design Refund Schedule

  • First Two Weeks of Classes 100%
  • After Second Week None

When a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence, if part of their tuition and fees are paid with Federal and/or Title IV funds, then MICA may be required by Federal guidelines to return all or a portion of those funds. Returning these funds may result with a balance owed to MICA, even if a student's account was paid in full prior to the withdrawal or the leave of absence.  Please contact Financial Aid for further details.

A partial list of types of Title IV funding is below:

  • Federal Family Educational Loan Programs (FFELP)
  • Federal Perkins Loan Program
  • Federal Pell Grant Programs
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program (FSEOG)
  • Federal Stafford Loan Program
  • Federal Direct/PLUS Program
  • Yellow Ribbon Program
  • Any other Federal Grants or Loans

General Refund Policy

Students with a credit on their account may be eligible for a refund. You can:

  • Request up to $1,000.00 be added to your Flex Account by sending an e-mail to asking for a flex transfer and specifying the amount.
  • Request any credit amount be sent back to the lender if the student has a loan. Please contact with the student's name, student ID, and the amount that you want sent back to your lender.
  • Request a refund check by sending an e-mail to studentaccounts@mica.eduasking for a refund check.

Refund requests will not be processed until all Financial Aid is disbursed, any recent check payments have cleared (30 days) and all tuition payment plans are completed.

Parent PLUS loan refunds are made payable to the borrower unless specified to the student in the PLUS loan application.

Credits resulting from Title IV funds and other Federal funds will be issued at the beginning of the semester, provided that the Student is registered full-time, has a credit balance, and is otherwise eligible to receive a refund.

Please allow 14 days after your request to receive your refund check. Students are required to show a photo ID when picking up a refund check. Checks that have not been picked up within four weeks will be mailed to the student's permanent address provided by the Office of Student Records.. If a check is not received, a replacement refund check can be requested, but if the check is not present a Financial Service Fee will be assessed to cover the cost of a stop payment. Please allow three weeks after the original check was mailed to report it officially lost. At that time, a stop payment will be requested and a replacement check will be issued. Accounts with pending Financial aid credit will be processed when funds have dispersed.

All refunds, except for accounts with Parent PLUS loans, will be made payable to the student. The student may request in writing that the refund be sent to another party. Any outstanding debts to the College will be deducted from the credit balance prior to issuing a refund check.