Majors & Minors (Undergraduate)

Sustainability & Social Practice (Concentra­tion)

Artists and designers wish to be cultural contributors; for many, this means acting as agents of social change.

The Concentration in Sustainability and Social Practice-the first of its kind among art colleges-prepares students to engage their creative practice with the social and ecological issues facing the world today, earning the knowledge, language, and skills necessary to excel in this emerging field.

Program Overview

This new concentration allows visual artists to connect their practice with sustainability, climate change, and social responsibility-issues and prepares them to become professionally engaged in the areas of sustainability and social practice as artists, designers, entrepreneurs, or scholars.

The skills and knowledge that students will gain can be applied to many fields, both preexisting and emerging. Arts and social organizations, government and the business community will require participation and creative problem solving from artists and designers as they move toward ecologically- and socially-responsible practices. Students in the program can go on to work for architectural and urban planning firms, form socially-engaged collaborative art groups, or work in urban agriculture, among many other possibilities.

Why Baltimore?

Baltimore has guts. This city has an electrifying third rail that creatives hitch themselves to, its electric current pulsing through their work. If you're an artist, designer, creative thinker, entrepreneur, social justice advocate, or all of the above, you'll find that Baltimore offers advantages not found in other large urban centers.