Annual Events & Series

Rivals of the West Theatre Productions

Rivals of the West is the College's resident theater company bringing a vibrant and challenging tradition of provocative theater to campus.

In addition to possessing extraordinary visual skills, many MICA students are also talented actors and costume, set, lighting and sound designers. Led by an experienced theater and design faculty, the Rivals Company takes full advantage of all these skills to mount innovative and truly creative performances in BBOX each spring.

This past year, the company presented an all MICA original production, “You’ll Never Meet Mac DeMarco“, for its 10th anniversary production in BBOX. The show opened on Thursday April 5, 2018 for its world premiere and runs for eight performances. The play was conceived, written, and produced by the all-MICAN Rivals Company.

You’ll Never Meet Mac DeMarco” is our play–by us, about us, and for us—and for everyone else who might wonder what’s it’s really like to go to art school. It is a funny and bittersweet slice of MICAN life, sort of a “portrait of young artists trying to hold it together and mostly succeeding. Maybe.”

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