Creative Citizenship

Voter Access Initiative

The Voter Access Initiative (VAI) is a non-partisan, cross-disciplinary group working to increase voter participation on campus and around Baltimore.

The Voter Access Initiative coordinates and amplifies voter participation and civic engagement opportunities across MICA’s campus. This work group arose organically from a student organization and several offices on campus whose efforts focused on voter education and electoral turnout.

As a premier art and design school in the US, MICA’s campus is bubbling with creative ways to get involved outside the classroom. VAI taps into this energy by engaging students, faculty, and staff in designing vibrant posters, making GOTV buttons, and sharing voting-related photos and messages on social media. These activities contribute to the culture of excitement about voter participation and other forms of civic action on campus.

Maryland Institute College of Art was recognized by the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge for its excellence in promoting civic engagement through voter participation during the 2018 midterm elections. MICA was honored with two awards — the Champion Award, for having the highest registration rate of all participating campuses, as well as the Best in Class Award for small, private, four-year institutions for our Campus Action Plan. Recent graduate Maddie Wolf (General Fine Arts BFA) was also recognized with the Honor Roll, and was one of only 10 students selected across the country to receive this honor. 

MICA proudly partners with the following organizations: 

Fall 2018 Summary

Check out the latest report to learn more about the work of MICA's Voter Access Initiative. The report serves as a summary and celebration of the events, activities, and collaborative efforts throughout fall 2018.


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Three letter-pressed posters advocating for participation in the 2018 Mid-Term Elections

ALL IN Action Plan

In 2018, MICA joined the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, a national coalition of colleges and universities working to make democratic participation a core value on campus. In joining ALL IN, MICA created an action plan that served as an organizing document for the 2018 midterm elections, as well as a long-term strategy for the work.

MICA's Voter Turnout Data

The National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) provides MICA with reports on student registration and voting rates. NSLVE is a service to colleges and universities interested in learning about their students' voting habits, as well as a national database for research on college student voting and, more broadly, political learning and engagement in democracy.