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Campus Safety

A safe environment is essential to learning and creating. MICA is committed to working with all members of the campus community to make our campus a safe and secure environment.

24 Hour Dispatch: 410-225-2245

Emergency Dispatch: 443-423-3333

Campus Safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, an off-duty Baltimore City Police officer patrols the campus during the evening hours when classes are in session.

Security guards and student monitors at Campus Safety desks near the entrances of most academic buildings are the eyes and ears of MICA.

Campus Safety Patrols

Campus Safety use Segway and bike patrols to support the campus and the surrounding community. These patrol methods help make the MICA community safer and provide a green, cost-effective alternative to over-reliance on motor vehicles.

Reporting Criminal Activities, Emergencies, and Suspicious Conditions


Perhaps the most important element of a campus safety program is the assistance of our students, faculty, staff, and guests who report suspicious people or activities to Campus Safety. If you are a victim of, observe, or have knowledge of a crime or other emergency (accident, fire, medical, gas leak), report it to Baltimore City Police/Fire/Ambulance (911) then notify MICA Campus Safety by going to a staffed lobby Security Desk or call our 24 hour Emergency Dispatch by dialing 3333 on campus or 443-423-3333 off campus. Campus courtesy phones are located in lobbies of campus buildings without Campus Safety desks, and in most studio facilities.

When an urgent situation is reported to Campus Safety, patrol officers are dispatched to the scene to lend assistance and investigate. If Baltimore City Police/Fire/Ambulance (911) have not already been summoned by the reporting person, Campus Safety officers will call the appropriate agencies when emergency and/or police service is needed. Campus Safety and Baltimore emergency response personnel are responsive, well trained, and equipped to handle all emergencies.


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