Bob Cicero, owner of Baltimore's famed Globe Poster, joined MICA as a letterpress instructor in September 2011 along with his 16-truckload collection of wood type, posters, and R&B, auto racing and carnival cuts.

 Bob, who with brothers Frank and Joe Jr. joined Globe Poster in 1975 when his father, Joseph Cicero Sr., bought the company, has an extensive knowledge of letterpress, offset and screen printing. He is as comfortable working with students on a 2,000-pound Vandercook proof press in MICA's letterpress shop as he was feeding a 26,000-pound Miehle cylinder press at Globe. The knowledge (and scars) he earned at Globe as a printer, salesman, foreman, and liaison to such R&B stars as James Brown and Solomon Burke are an invaluable addition to the MICA purchase.