Graduation is an important milestone in a student's academic career. As such, the Office of Enrollment Services wants to help students have a smooth graduation process.

As graduation approaches students should be aware that emails will be sent from several MICA departments regarding the graduation process and the commencement ceremony.

Diploma Name

To help students ensure his/her name appears the desired way it is to be displayed, students are encouraged to enter a "Degree" name into their student record. If a student chooses not to enter a "Degree" name prior to the cut-off date for that semester's graduation, the Diploma will be printed with the student's legal/permanent name as it appears on the student's record. In addition to the diploma, this name information is used for the commencement programs. To enter a "Degree" name, students should log-on to the student services center:

  • Under Personal Information section, Click on the "Demographic Data" link
  • Click the "Names" tab
  • Click the green "Edit Name" link next to Degree Name row
  • Enter the name information
  • Click the green "OK" link
  • If a Degree name does not exist, a student can add one. Substitute step 3 by clicking on the "Add a new name" link, step 4 by selecting "Diploma" from the drop-down menu near the top of the screen, and continue with the process.

Diploma Distribution

At MICA, all students participating in the graduation ceremony may pick-up their diploma on the day of the commencement ceremony, barring any holds or pending grades. To be able to receive a diploma and unofficial transcript on the day of commencement, students must have:

  • completed the number of credits necessary to earn the degree and have no grades of "I".
  • a zero balance on their account.
  • returned all rented regalia and obtain the receipt.
  • emptied studio space and completed the check-out process.

Students graduating in the proceeding summer and preceding fall semester are eligible to participate in the spring commencement ceremony; however, summer students will not receive their diploma until after the grades from the summer courses are submitted, their credits are reviewed, and the degree is confirmed. Summer students should expect their diplomas to arrive by mail by early October. Students completing their degree requirements in the fall semester prior to the spring commencement will receive their diploma in the mail, approximately by early February. Students who do not pick-up their diploma at commencement will be mailed their diploma 3-4 weeks after the ceremony.

All Fall, Summer, unclaimed diplomas, and those held pending balance payment will be mailed to students at their permanent address on file. Students can verify their "Permanent" address via the student services center. Students who do not receive their diploma because of an undeliverable address (and the diploma was unreturned) or because they moved without updating the address on file, will have to follow the Diploma Reprint process.

Diploma Reprints

Form can be downloaded here.

Diplomas are provided to students at graduation upon completion of their degree's requirements. Alumni whose original diploma has been lost, damaged, destroyed, or needs to have their diploma reprinted for any other reason may do so by completing our order form and returning it with payment (check, credit card, or money order) to the Office of Enrollment Services:

  • In Person: 2nd Floor of the Bunting Center
  • By Fax: Attention Enrollment Services, 410-225-2548 (no money orders/checks via fax)
  • By Mail: MICA, Enrollment Services, 1300 Mount Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217

Diplomas take 4-6 weeks from time of order receipt to be processed, printed/signed and delivered. The Office of Enrollment Services does not retain copies of student diplomas. The cost of reprinting diplomas is $25 per copy. Diplomas will be reissued in the format and style of the current MICA diploma and bear the signatures of the current administration. Expedited service is not available.

Individuals needing diplomas for overseas or visa reasons may have their diploma notarized at no additional costs. Please be certain to indicate if this additional process is necessary when the order form is completed. Certain situations may require that the diploma require an Apostle. Our office will provide the required initial notarization; however, the individual placing the order is responsible for researching and determining how the US Secretary of State's office wishes to receive the document and what other steps are necessary for processing by their office.

Please Note: Our office will not hand deliver documents to external organizations for any reason.

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