2D Prototyping Studio

In Depth File Preparation

Here’s an example of a print, broken down into grayscale layers, as it’s sent to the printer.


To replicate a color breakdown in photoshop, there are many methods one could use. We suggest researching methods and testing to find one that works best for you!

Here’s a simple breakdown of a method in Photoshop one could use to replicate how colors would appear when printing, while maintaining printable grayscale layers.

Begin by working in the color you’ll be working in- in this case, it’ll be red. Instead of lightening the color manually, we’ll lower the opacity of the brush we’re using to create areas of lighter red. Here’s my finished image:

Now we’ll set the layer mode to Multiply on our red layer so that it interacts correctly with any other colors we’ll be using.

Now we’ll create new layers for each corresponding ink color we want to print and work in the same way- setting the layer mode to multiply and working in opacities.

When we’re all done with our separations, we’ll need to turn these into grayscale layers so that the risograph can read it correctly. Begin by making a new layer. Then right click the layer and select “Create Clipping Mask.”

This will lock the layer to the layer underneath. Now fill the clipped layer with black. Your layer and image should look like this now:

And it’s all ready to print!

This is a very simple method- there are plenty of other methods you can find. Experiment and find one that works for you!

Here’s some resources for file preparation: