Full Bleed is a journal of art and design published annually by the Maryland Institute College of Art.

We publish work that inspires, critiques, and informs the work of contemporary artists and designers. In opposition to the many forces that demean and divide humanity, we stand for the civilizing influences of aesthetic experience and progressive design.  

Because our world is syncretic, characterized by intercultural exchange, flux, and strife, the pages of our journal will be eclectic. They will be welcoming of many points of view and formal approaches, open to controversy, and responsive to shifting cultural conditions.  In each issue, we hope to chronicle the diverse ways that artists, writers, and designers are participating in this tumultuous historical moment.

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Imitations of A Better Future

John Dewey said in his 1934 major writing on aesthetics, Art as Experience, “The first stirrings of dissatisfaction and the first intimations of a better future are always found in works of art.” This assertion, from the concluding chapter of Dewey’s treatise on aesthetics, has been a guiding ideal for the creation of this journal. Yet as we’ve labored to launch the publication, “intimations of a better future” have not been easy to come by. Learn more about our beginnings, and our answer to the question, "Why now?"

Call for Submissions

This call for submissions is open to all. Full Bleed, an annual print journal of art and design, seeks submissions for its third issue, forthcoming in Spring 2019. We publish criticism, belle lettres, artwork, design, illustration, fiction, poetry, and graphic essays. All contributors will receive a modest honorarium for their work.

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