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Student Affairs

If a student is unsure of where to turn for support or information, the Division of Student Affairs is the perfect place to start!

As a partner in the educational mission at MICA, the Division of Student Affairs fosters opportunities for growth and provides the resources for students to become successful graduates. We challenge students to become active, empowered, and responsible creative people, educated for an evolving world. 

Central Office Team: 

Vice President for Student Affairs + Dean of Students
Associate Vice President of Student Health + Wellness
Associate Dean for Student Integrated Learning

Student Development Specialist 

Executive Assistant

Career Development

Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development assists students with creating professional portfolios as well as connecting students with internships and professional development opportunities.

Identity & Inclusion

Center for Identity & Inclusion

This office focuses on the academic, social, and cultural needs of students related to issues of culture, class, race, gender, sexuality, etc.

Student Activities

Center for Student Engagement

The Center for Student Engagement, formerly known as the Student Activities Office, is home to more than 50 student organizations and a variety of programs and activities to keep students involved on campus.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center hosts a variety of cardio and weight machines featuring treadmills, elliptical, bikes, free-weights and a strength circuit. The Fitness Center also offers an array of group fitness classes including Yoga, Zumba and Aikido.


Residence Life & Off Campus Housing

Whether you live in one of MICA's residential halls that are tailored to the unique experience of being a young art or design student, or live in an off-campus apartment, the Office of Residence Life & Off Campus Housing is here to help.


Student Counseling Center

MICA counseling services are available to any student enrolled in a full-time undergraduate, graduate or post-bac program.

Health Services

Student Health Services

MICA Student Health Services is managed by Chase Brexton Health Services and is open to all students living on or off campus.

How Can We Help?

Central Office Team


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