Majors & Minors (Undergraduate)

Sequential Art (Concentration)

Sequential Art is an art form that uses images placed in sequence for graphic storytelling or to convey information.

The best-known form of sequential art is comics, (comic books and comic strips), which are a printed or digitally reproduced arrangements of artwork and text (generally in the form of word balloons and captions).

Program Overview

The Sequential Art Concentration utilizes the specialization and expertise of current full- and part-time faculty and recognizes the achievements of current students who are working for major publishers and winning awards. The concentration also strengthens institutional ties to organizations in the field like the Baltimore Comic-Con, Small Press Expo, Museum of Comics and Cartoon Arts, and the Toronto Comics Art Festival.

The Sequential Arts concentration is open to students from all majors and does not require any prerequisite coursework or knowledge. For more information please contact the Program Coordinator, Jose Villarubia (Illustration Department).