Supporting Your Technology Needs

During the current COVID-19 situation, the majority of MICA staff will be switching to a remote/alternate/telework plan. Questions regarding remote/alternate/telework should be sent to direct supervisors before contacting the Help Desk to ensure the correct tools are being utilized. For general questions regarding MICA policies at this time please visit the COVID-19 FAQ. 

Please review the Telework Tools page for a refresher on remote work tools provided by MICA to staff and faculty. If you have any issues with the provided tools or general technology questions, please contact the MICA Help Desk at

For additional tips on secure home work, please review this PDF from Security Awareness.

We support the educational mission of MICA as well as its business, administrative, and electronic communication needs. Through planning, implementation, education, training, and support, we support the college in using technology. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and service for the college, its students, faculty, and staff.

Here at MICA, Technology plays a critical role in the success of education.  We support the infrastructure behind MICA’s campus networks, MICA’s email accounts, MICA's Canvas learning management system,  and MICA software among many other systems and resources.

Additionally, our technicians staff the AV Services Tech Desk, where very useful resources are available to students, faculty, and staff.

As part of our operations, Technology oversees a Help Desk system, which is managed by a team of technicians specializing in the management of enterprise systems, telephone services, as well as computer hardware and software basics.

There are humans behind this technology and we're here to help.

Division of Technology


Bunting Center 1401 W. Mount Royal 3rd Floor Baltimore, MD 21217