Student Accounts

Tax Benefits

Several tax benefits are available to help families meet the cost of post-secondary education.

Specific information about educational credits can be found here.


MICA generates 1098-T's for eligible students by January 31st each year. They are made available on the MICA Portal for current students, and they are mailed to the permanent address of all students who are required to receive a 1098-T form.

Why didn't get 1098-T?

1098-Ts eligibility is determined by taking the amount billed in a calendar year and subtracting the amount of grants and scholarships (NOT loans) received in a calendar year. If the resulting number is positive then there were more charges billed than grants and scholarships received in a calendar year for the student. A calendar year is January 1st to December 31st.

  • Since MICA usually bills for the coming Spring term in December of the previous year, most students are not eligible for a 1098-T for the year that they graduate since the tuition was included on the previous year's 1098-T form. This does not mean that the student or parent is not eligible to receive a tax credit, but they will need to select the option on the IRS form indicating that the institution did not provide a 1098-T form.
  • 1098-Ts cannot be generated if MICA does not have a permanent address on file.
  • MICA is not required and does not automatically generate 1098-Ts for some aliens and temporary residents. MICA can generate this upon request.

If you think that you were supposed to receive a 1098-T form but have not, please contact The Office of Student Accounts.

DO NOT include your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number over email!